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    My teams unit cohesion is absolutely terrible on every level haha

    Little over 62% of my team was signed just this year. I guess you can say the new front office regime made some wholesale changes. New QB, HB, FB, WR's, TE, G's. Kept the head coach but all new coordinators. Schedule looks fairly easy this year if you take into account last years standings. Excited to see if the influx of talent makes this a winning team or the lack of cohesion sinks the ship. Power ratings have me middle of the pack.

    Good luck this year guys!

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    Good luck to you too cdmikes!

    Taking over a Franchise in this new Salary Cap means that lots of players need to go through the door!! Also veterans that aren't effective anymore are shown no compassion by the GMs all over the OSFL!! Hard times!!!
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