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  • OSFL Rules & Info

    <span style='border-bottom:1px solid #333;padding:0 2px;'>OSFL Rules & Info</span>

    Game Settings:
    Injuries = 100
    Salary Cap Increase = 28 to 80
    Combine Accuracy = 50

    Sims run Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays during the regular season, and Mon-Sun during the less active parts of the offseason. Be sure to check the season schedule. The deadline to export is 5PM Eastern, Mondays and Wednesdays, 8AM Eastern on Saturdays, offseason Schedule will be posted each season. There will be no midweeks outside of scheduled midweeks.

    There will be a roll call after Week 15 of each season. Please respond before the Bowl sim.

    General Rules of Conduct
    • Respect your fellow members of the OSFL and SGN.
    • GMs are expected to abide by the spirit of fair play and community.
    • Have fun ;)

    Free Agency
    • As of the 2040 offseason, players signed to 1-year deals as unrestricted free agents cannot be franchise tagged the following year.

    • The trade deadline is Week 8 of every season.
    • Any player signed to a free agent contract (excluding restricted FA) may not be traded in the same year.
    • Drafted rookie players can be traded.
    • Trades are processed pre-sim, unless requested otherwise by both parties.
    • It's up to the trade parties to only make trades they are able, and to prepare their rosters.
    • Trades are limited to a max of 5 items per side.
    • Conditional trades are allowed, the thread MUST start with (Conditional) then the team name agreeing.

    • Free agents may not be signed after the last game of your season.

    Position Changes
    • You may not position change to tank a player. Changes that result in loss of more than 20% of the player's overall rating (as quoted by your scout) must be reported and approved.

    Roster Rules
    • In the offseason, you may have a max of 70 non-IR players on your roster at any time. No more than 70 non-IR players may be taken into training camp. Holdouts are not counted against your roster.

    Infractions may result in loss of draft picks.
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