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2035 Regular Season SIM 3 Complete - Next SIM Tue 12/3

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  • 2035 Regular Season SIM 3 Complete - Next SIM Tue 12/3

    Next SIM - Tue 12/3

    - Files due by 6am ET | 3am PT
    - File is up; HTML to follow

    Stat of the Day!

    DFA: None!
    Export: NYK, NO

    Phoenix is open. Jig was just too busy with work and family to continue. We thank him for playing and will be looking for a new owner come 2035. Please direct all possible interest to the forums.

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    Thanks Brad!

    Seattle sits at 10-9 as we finish April. All things considered, it's about what I expected. We just aren't going to be a great team. With five Stout teams, as well as Windy City, all posting better records through the first three weeks, a wild card seems like a long shot. I'd still take California as the favorite in the Bock but Windy is hot and has one of the best rotations in baseball.

    The Pilots travel to Philly for three and then host New York for four. A tough seven game week might shine some light on what type of team we are going to be heading into May.

    I also saw that Landon McClelland signed with Baltimore as he was reluctant to take my $1M offer for the past few weeks. He made the right choice.
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      5-2 week for the Bats. Finished off a 4-game split with Phoenix, lost 2/3 at BLB-best Wilmington, and then swept Pawtucket. We will finish the month at 12-7, so a quick check on what's working and what's not.

      I'm happy with our record. We're only a game behind New York in the Stout, and our +39 run differential is the best in the IL. So, we're playing pretty well. On the pitching side, we've given up the fewest runs in the league, with the rotation leading the BLB with 2.23 ERA. I thought the rotation might be the best in the league and so far they are playing like it. I was really worried about the bullpen, but so far they are 4th in the IL with a 3.00 ERA. I've got JR Fenech and Reggie Chao set up to pitch a lot of innings, and so far they are both doing well and preventing runs.

      In the lineup, we lead the IL in batting average and are 3rd in runs scored. I was hoping we'd hit for average- we've got players like Babbage, de Jong and Pena who should excel in that area, and so far it's working. After a disastrous first week, Bert Garza has been playing like a star.

      What's not working - The bullpen is really thin. Waechter and Evans have really struggled and there aren't many options to fix any problems that pop up out there. After leading the league in homers last season, we're a very average power hitting team. That's not unexpected given our losses, but some of this team's better home run hitters have gotten off to slow starts. Our biggest problem so far has been the injuries - losing Rockwood, Vaughn, Waldron and Allen has added to any problems we've got so far.

      Solid start to the season, keeping in mind we've barely left our home ballpark thus far. I'll still need some of the new faces to play better, but we look like a playoff contender to me through the first month.
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        Our... offence... has just not come together quite yet... When I added Swope, Wright, and Schmidl, I wasn't expecting to still get shut down routinely by the opposite... In 12 of our 19 games, we've scored 4 runs or less... Yikes!

        We've wasted a really hot start by our pithing staff that currently sits 2nd is ERA... Hopefully it's just small sample size.
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